Women with large breasts showed a way to wear things with buttons

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

A blogger named Ali Kate (surname unknown) showed women with large breasts a way to wear dresses and button-down blouses. The Sun was interested in the relevant TikTok video.

The user with the nickname alikate4 noted that it is often difficult for curvaceous girls to find well-fitting things. In her opinion, one of the common problems is clothes with buttons that bulge in the bust area and form gaps that open the bra.

The tiktoker showed the mentioned life hack using the example of a light summer dress with polka dots. In order to repeat it, you need to fasten the first two buttons crosswise. In the posted frames, you can see that the method makes the fabric fit closer to the chest, which helps to hide the underwear. “So the dress looks even better,” said the blogger.

The video gained more than 1.5 million views and users began to speak out in the comments. “Great advice!”, “We must remember for the future”, “Wow! I will definitely try”, “Great life hack! Because of this, I rarely buy clothes with buttons, ”the users wrote.

Earlier in June, blogger Fumi Desalu-Wold showed curvy women a way to wear strapless bras. It is known that this type of underwear is not always comfortable for women with large breasts, because it does not provide proper support. For this reason, the expert recommended fixing the bra with a special tape.