Warner Bros. stood up for JK Rowling after the press conference incident

Warner Bros. stood up for the writer JK Rowling after the incident at a press conference in London. It is reported by Variety.

During a press conference dedicated to the opening of “magic” rides, British actor Tom Felton was asked a question about Rowling. A Sky News journalist asked why the writer rarely participates in events related to the Harry Potter universe. At this point, a public relations manager, speaking on behalf of Warner Bros., intervened in the conversation and asked to move on to the next question.

After the incident, Sky News asked representatives of the PR agency why their journalist was killed. The service responded that “J. K. Rowling is not related to Warner Bros. or Tom Felton” and the question itself was “irrelevant”.

Later, the film studio gave its comment. Warner Bros. clarified that the PR manager was hired by the company solely for the event, and stated that the behavior of the specialist was completely “incorrect”. The studio also expressed regret for what had happened and supported the writer.

Warner Bros. happy to work with JK Rowling for 20 years, our work has been very interesting, rich and productive. She is one of the most talented writers in the world and we are proud to be the studio that brings her ideas, stories and characters to life. We will continue to cooperate further,” Warner Bros.