Tourist rented an apartment on vacation and found 10 hidden cameras in it

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

An American tourist told the network that she rented an apartment through the Airbnb service in Philadelphia and found more than 10 hidden cameras in it. The post, which went viral online, was picked up by the New York Post.

As the woman explained on Twitter, she and her friend rented an apartment for a small vacation in Philadelphia. After returning from a night out, the girls fell asleep on the couch, and in the morning they noticed a camera-like device on the ceiling pointed at them. The tourists decided to search the accommodation and found about 10 more hidden tracking systems – according to them, they found cameras in the shower room and bedroom, while some of them were disguised as fire extinguishing systems.

The girl continued to share the details of the story with netizens: she wrote that she reported the Airbnb cameras to the police, but waited for an answer for more than two days. As it became known later, during the police investigation, information about the tracking devices was refuted – no traces were found in the apartment. Nevertheless, representatives of the service returned the money for the accommodation to the tourists.

Earlier in May, a flight attendant revealed ways to protect yourself from thieves when staying in a hotel room. According to the flight attendant, first of all, when checking in, you should inspect all rooms, closets, showers and the space behind the curtains. In addition, you need to check the correct operation of the phone.