The Russians will be allowed to complain about scammers at the “Gosuslugah”

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

The Ministry of Digital Development (Mintsifra) of Russia announced that by the end of the summer a monitoring system for phishing sites will be put into operation in the country. In addition, citizens will be allowed to complain about fraudulent resources on the State Services portal. This is stated in the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Digital Development.

“By the end of summer, the monitoring system for phishing sites will go into commercial operation, and the form of communication with citizens will become available on the public services portal,” the ministry said. So far, users can report suspicious resources on the website of the Integral Research Institute, subordinate to the Ministry of Digital Development.

The ministry noted that the corresponding system uses a variety of sources, including databases of several Russian phishing data providers, which replenish the database daily. “Of these, operators select about 150-200 sites, and if the site falls under the criteria for phishing, it is sent for blocking / partitioning, and the rest is monitored to block when phishing is confirmed. Now there are 12,000 sites being monitored,” the publication says.

The system receives information about 25 million certificates per day, which go through several stages of selection, including the analysis of information on pages and in headers. The Ministry of Digital Development emphasized that the system receives data on new, re-registered, transferred domain names in a mode close to real time. It is also clarified that about 900 new portals reach the system operator per day, pre-selected for analysis and a decision to block or put on monitoring.

“To make a decision, the system operator also has access to the verification functionality of detected phishing resources using 92 external sources, including public ones. The average resource blocking time, provided that the search criteria match, is about 72 hours,” the ministry added.

Earlier, the Ministry of Digital Development named the main reasons for large-scale leaks of personal data of Russians. The agency considered that in more than 70 percent of cases such incidents occur due to the negligence or intentional actions of company employees.