The role of gender differences in the long course of COVID-19 is voiced

23 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

A research team from Johnson & Johnson has voiced the role of gender differences in the long course of COVID-19. It turned out that in women, complications from coronavirus infections last more than four weeks more often than in men. The findings of the work are described in an article published in the journal Current Medical Research and Opinion.

The scientists analyzed data from approximately 1.3 million patients. The results showed that women with prolonged coronavirus were 22 percent more likely to experience otorhinolaryngological problems, mood swings, fatigue, neurological, skin and gastrointestinal diseases. In men, experts noted a greater predisposition to endocrine disorders (diabetes and kidney problems).

Previously, researchers at King’s College London found that the omicron strain was less likely to cause prolonged COVID-19 than the delta variant.