The model revealed a simple way to smell good without perfume

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

Blogger and model named Natalia (last name not specified) revealed a simple way to smell good without perfume. The publication The Sun drew attention to the corresponding video in her TikTok account.

A user with the nickname happiestnat said that a spray based on fabric softener will help keep the smell of freshness and cleanliness throughout the day. To make it, the influencer suggested filling a pre-purchased spray bottle two-thirds full with fabric softener and the rest of the container filled with water. Upon completion of these steps, shake the vessel.

The girl noted that the resulting product is immediately ready for use. On the posted frames, she showed how she sprays it instead of perfume.

Other netizens appreciated the model’s video, thanking her for the useful life hack. “You are a genius! Why didn’t I think of this myself? I love the smell of fresh laundry”, “Thank you for sharing”, “I also love this method!” they commented.

In May, stylist Karina Zaleskikh-Sanchez revealed five simple ways to always look expensive without big investments in wardrobe and beauty salon services. She advised to monitor the condition of the outfits, pay attention to the quality of the things you buy, and also wear strapless bras with open clothes.