The haircut of the heroine from the series “Friends” has become a fashion trend

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

The editor of the British version of Glamor magazine called the hairstyle of one of the heroines of the American series “Friends” a new fashion trend. The relevant material appeared on the website of the publication.

Journalist El Turner said that this season, a multi-layered bob haircut with straight elongated strands near the face, like the character of Rachel Green, played by actress Jennifer Aniston, has become fashionable. Cosmetics store Just My Look says customer interest in the hairstyle has grown 179 percent in recent months.

According to Los Angeles-based hairdresser Sal Salcedo, at the moment his clients prefer a more natural and casual styling, in contrast to the perfectly smooth hair structure of the heroine of the 1990s series. “Just apply a drop of oil to damp curls and leave to dry naturally,” he clarified.

In April, stylists revealed the best hairstyles for every face type. Renowned hairdresser Cash Lawless said that ragged bangs look great with wide-set eyes, and a pixie haircut emphasizes high cheekbones. At the same time, a smooth bob, in his opinion, if desired, can switch attention to the center of the face, to the nose and lips.