Russian cosmetologist named ways to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

Russian cosmetologist Lyudmila Egzhina named ways to help get rid of dark circles under the eyes. Her comments are published by Woman’s Day.

According to the doctor, factors such as skin aging, cardiovascular and kidney disease, a strict diet, stress, chronic lack of sleep and an unhealthy lifestyle can cause dark circles. In addition, Egzhina explained that the skin in this area is four times thinner than in other parts of the body. “Therefore, dark blood that is not saturated with oxygen stagnates in the capillaries under the eyes and becomes noticeable,” she said.

In the case of the constant appearance of dark circles under the eyes, Egzhina advised to immediately consult a doctor to determine the exact cause of this problem. At the same time, if she worries only after a sleepless night or long work at the computer, then the doctor recommended a course of special facial massage, microcurrent therapy, lipofilling or mesotherapy. In addition, to quickly eliminate dark circles under the eyes, the specialist suggested using cosmetic patches, chilled cucumber slices, tea bags and ice cubes.

In May, Russian doctor Ekaterina Novikova named the main ways to preserve youthful skin for a long time. To do this, the doctor advised taking coenzyme Q10, replenishing the deficiency of B vitamins, including astaxanthin in the diet and adding glycine, lysine, tryptophan and omega-3 to the vitamin complex.