Mother wore a replica of his bride’s dress to her son’s wedding

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

A Reddit user said that she broke up with her husband, whose mother came to the wedding in a copy of her dress. The story of the bride drew the attention of The Sun.

A user with the nickname jerseygirl1105 posted two pictures from the celebration, in one of which she stands next to the groom in a black suit and his mother with a bouquet of flowers in her hands. At the same time, the woman is wearing almost the same white lace dress as the beloved of her son.

In the second picture, the mother posed in the same magnificent outfit together with the girl’s chosen one, putting her hand on his chest. “The mother-in-law really wanted to be a bride. I am now divorced,” read the caption to the photo.

Other users supported the user, noting that the behavior of the groom’s relative really looked inappropriate. “Did you notice how this “bride” placed her hand on his chest, as if showing a wedding ring?”, “I would advise the groom to choose only one lover at the wedding”, “What is wrong with such women? Do they want to marry their sons?”, “Congratulations on your divorce!”, “I would immediately leave when I see this. The most disturbing call”, “Sorry, but this is creepy,” they said.

In April, a Reddit user told how she took revenge on her mother for trying to outdo her brother’s bride at the wedding. The author of the post said that her mother, “being a poisonous demon”, suddenly appeared at her son’s wedding in a lush white wedding dress and attracted the attention of all the guests. The girl noted that she immediately understood the intention of the parent to spoil the holiday, so she poured wine on her so that she went home to change clothes.