James Cameron responds to allegations of films being too long

Canadian filmmaker James Cameron has addressed critics accusing him of making films that are too long. His words are reported by Empire.

“People whine about the length of the movie, even though they themselves sit and watch TV for eight hours straight… I even know what this part of the review will look like: “A painfully long three-hour movie…” It’s like: “Damn it, give me a break.” I saw my children sit and watch five hour-long episodes in a row without being distracted,” Cameron responded to the allegations.

The 67-year-old director also noted that watching films should be different, allowing for the viewer to be distracted from the session.

Джеймс Кемерон відповів на звинувачення у надто довгих фільмах

“There needs to be a paradigm shift in that, because it’s okay to just get up and go to the bathroom [during a movie],” added the Avatar creator.

The duration of the first film “Avatar”, which was released in 2009, was 160 minutes. The sequel, Avatar: The Way of the Water, will reportedly be about three hours long. Its world premiere is scheduled for December 14, 2022.

Earlier it became known that James Cameron made a refusal to participate in the creation of the last parts of “Avatar”.