Hospice nurse revealed the state of people before death

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

Hospice nurse Penny Smith, in a video published on TikTok, revealed the state of people before death. She said that usually dying people see their deceased loved ones in front of them.

“When a person dies, they usually see that they are standing in front of the dead people they loved, and sometimes even their dead pets,” the woman shared. According to her, as a rule, such people look at the ceiling or at the corner of the room. “I have had patients who said they see their dead loved ones right in front of them,” she added.

The hospice worker said that often in such cases, family members of the dying begin to try to bring them back to reality, saying that there is no one in the room. The nurse noted that this should not be done, because it violates their peace when they die. “Therefore, when dying people say they see their deceased grandmother or their puppy, this is absolutely normal,” she concluded.

Earlier, another hospice worker told what regrets of dying people she most often encounters. According to her, patients admitted to her that they regret that they did not value life and health and spent too much energy on insignificant things, worked all their lives and did not spend much time with their families.