Germany unveils ‘game-changing’ grenade launcher

23 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

The German concern Rheinmetall presented at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris a hand grenade launcher that “changes the rules of the game.” The SSW40 (Squad Support Weapon 40) automatic grenade launcher can be used as a small arms weapon, Defense Blog writes.

The manufacturer notes that the SSW 40 is the world’s first magazine-fed automatic grenade launcher, which allows you to fire with the stock resting on the shoulder. The mass of the SSW40 is comparable to that of a conventional assault rifle.

The grenade launcher received a recoil reduction system, which makes it possible to use all types of 40-mm grenades, including new ammunition with an increased Medium Velocity (MV) flight speed. These grenades allow you to hit targets at a distance of up to 900 meters.

The SSW40 grenade launcher is equipped with interfaces for connecting new sights, as well as infrared programmers for remotely detonated ammunition. It is noted that the development of SSW40 will be completed in 2023.

Earlier it became known that Rheinmetall presented a new tank KF51 Panther at the Eurosatory exhibition. The machine, which can become a replacement for the Leopard 2, received a 130 mm Future Gun System (FGS) cannon.