Artemy Lebedev spoke about the removal of Russia from participation in the Olympics

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

Popular Russian blogger and designer Artemy Lebedev commented on the removal of Russia from participation in the Olympics and competitions. He called the ban on the use of state symbols of the Russian Federation debranding. Lebedev spoke about this in his Telegram channel.

“All the stories about the humiliating suspension of Russia from participating in the Olympics and tree contests come down to one simple fact: this is debranding “, he said. According to him, this phenomenon is so incomprehensible to Russian society that no one has written about it.

“Russia was not deprived of the right to participate in competitions, Russia was deprived of the right to use basic symbols – the coat of arms, the flag, the name of the country,” the designer added. At the same time, according to Lebedev, such debranding can be even more humiliating than non-cooperation, cancellation or deplatforming .

Earlier, international sports organizations suspended Russian athletes from participating in a number of competitions. In some international tournaments, the Russians still have the opportunity to participate in a neutral status. President of the All-Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics Irina Viner-Usmanova said she was not sure about the preservation of the Olympics after the removal of the Russian team.