A comet comparable to the size of Chicxulub will fly near the Earth

23 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

The comet, whose size scientists compare with the asteroid Chicxulub (its fall led to the death of dinosaurs), will fly near the Earth in July 2022. Anyone with a telescope can see it in the sky. This was reported on the EarthSky website.

A comet called C / 2017 K2 was first seen in 2017 at a distance of 24 billion kilometers from the Sun by the Pan-STARRS telescope, which is located in Hawaii; in the same year it was recorded by the Hubble telescope. Then the cosmic body had a dust tail 124 thousand kilometers wide, which almost corresponds to the size of Jupiter. C / 2017 K2 should reach its closest point to Earth on July 14, it is worth looking for it near the globular cluster M 9 (also called Messier 9 or NGC 6333).

In May 2022, experts from the University of Johannesburg said that it is possible that the extraterrestrial Hypatium rock found in Egypt in 1996 was the result of a Type Ia supernova explosion.