The master showed the main mistake of clients after eyelash extensions

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

The eyelash extension master showed the main mistake of clients after the procedure. The corresponding video in her TikTok account was noticed by The Sun.

A specialist with the nickname peacelash posted a video in which she demonstrated the process of combing the client’s eyelashes. The published footage shows how she cleans the accumulated yellow dirt from them with a special brush. “If you increase eyelashes, don’t forget to wash your face afterwards,” the girl urged.

Subscribers sympathized with the author of the video and noted that after the mentioned procedure, you need to carefully take care of yourself. “I wash my face every day, but my eyelashes still accumulate a lot of dirt”, “My master said that I clean them properly. I even have a special remedy for these purposes, ”they said.

At the same time, some netizens said in the comments under the post that they intentionally do not wash their face so that their eyelashes last longer. “They fall out during water procedures”, “All my eyelash extensions fell off after about three days”, “I wash them and comb them, but they only last a week,” users wrote.

Deja Elexus, an eyelash extension artist from Detroit, has previously named a common mistake her clients make. According to Elexus, visitors to the salon are not recommended to come to the session with their hair loose, which will hang down on the back of the chair, and with high buns. In addition, ponytails and low buns were included in the list of prohibited hairstyles.