The blogger spoke about the benefits of shaving your eyebrows regularly

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

A makeup artist named Lisa talked about the benefits of shaving your eyebrows regularly. Her TikTok video caught the interest of The Sun journalists.

A user with the nickname _lisaartistry captured her beauty routine on camera, which is based on eyebrow hair removal. In the video, the girl first cleansed her skin with a special balm, then carefully removed her hair with a razor and applied oil. It is reported that she repeats this procedure once every two days.

The blogger admitted that by nature she has thick eyebrows that are difficult to style and interfere with her when changing images. For this reason, she chose to get rid of them. In addition, she noted that the hairs grow back quickly and their quality is getting better. “Of course, I had to accept myself to go out in public in this form. Now it helps me to be confident in myself,” she added.

The mentioned video went viral and gained more than 1.6 million views. Netizens began to express their opinion in the comments. “And I bleach my eyebrows and shave off the ends”, “I shave mine too! This gives freedom for creativity”, “I have been shaving my eyebrows for two years, and this is the best decision in my life,” the users wrote.

In May, blogger Jordyn Wood showed subscribers the consequences of years of shaving her face. According to her, thanks to this procedure, skin care cosmetics penetrate deeper into the pores and, accordingly, its action becomes more effective. The user warned the owners of problem skin against performing this manipulation.