Shaggy bangs have become a trend among celebrities

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

Overgrown bangs have become a celebrity trend in 2022. The relevant information is published by Glamor magazine.

According to fashion editor El Turner, regrown bangs should not be confused with the traditional curtain bangs, in which the front strands fall apart on the sides and are separated by a straight parting in the middle. “Regrown bangs suggest a more voluminous and shaggy shape,” she said and added that another important difference is the length, which can reach the chin. In addition, the journalist noted, regrown bangs give additional texture to the hairstyle.

The author of the article also listed several ways to wear this haircut element. Turner advised to divide the bangs with an even parting in the middle in the spirit of the heroine of the popular TV series Friends Rachel Green, played by actress Jennifer Aniston. In addition, the specialist emphasized that regrown bangs can be combined with a tail, wavy curls or straight strands.

According to the material, various celebrities have recently appeared in public with a similar haircut, including pop singer Jennifer Lopez, actress Sydney Sweeney and South Korean supermodel Jung Ho Young.

Previously, another popular TikTok hairstyle has become fashionable among the stars. The editors of the Bustle portal, together with hairdresser Matthew Newman, said that the “devil horns” styling has gained relevance. In 2022, many celebrities went out with the mentioned haircut, for example, singer Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand ambassador Jazzel Zanotti and British model Iris Lowe.