Man tattooed Nike sneakers on his legs to save money

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

The man got a tattoo in the form of his favorite sneakers on his legs out of reluctance to buy a new pair. The publication in social networks drew attention to the publication Mirror.

34-year-old tattoo artist Dean Gunther from the UK claims that one of his visitors wanted to save on the purchase of another Nike brand shoe, so he decided to draw a sketch of a sneaker on his feet. “I wanted to create the illusion that a man is wearing sneakers, even if he has bare feet. This will definitely make others look at him twice, ”the master explained.

According to the material, it took Gunther eight hours to bring the tattoo to life. “Drawing by hand was the hardest part. I had to make sure that everything corresponds to the real proportions, ”he concluded.

The artist shared his creation on TikTok and Instagram (the social network is banned in the Russian Federation; it belongs to the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist in Russia and is banned), where his post gained more than two million views. Netizens raved about the unique design in the comments. “Save a fortune on sneakers”, “Wow, boldly,” said the users.

In June, Washington residents Karin and Terry Owens, who met on Tinder, made a vow of eternal love for centuries. It is known that the Americans first met in 2019 and got married a few weeks later. It is noted that both were interested in the art of tattooing and made the first drawings on the skin at the age of 14 years. At the same time, at the moment, the body of a man – a former professional skateboarder who became a tattoo artist – is covered with patterns by 95 percent, and his wife, an artist, by 65 percent.