It became known about record data leaks of Russian companies

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

Experts from Group-IB said that in May and June 2022, a record number of databases of Russian companies were posted on the darknet. About this “” became aware of a press release received by the editors.

In May and early June, more than 50 databases of domestic organizations were published on the darknet. There were 32 in April and 16 in March, the company noted. Group-IB clarified that we are talking about companies operating in the field of delivery, medicine, telecom, online education and others.

“Almost all databases include customer names, their phone numbers, addresses, dates of birth, and some include password hashes, passport details, order details, or medical test results. The relevance of most bases is this spring, ”Group-IB reported. At the same time, most of these data sets were available for free download: the goal of the attackers was not to earn money, but to cause maximum damage to companies and their customers.

Oleg Derov, head of the Threat Intelligence cybercrime research department at Group-IB, drew attention to the fact that many databases previously offered for sale on the network actually turned out to be either a compilation of old databases or data from open sources. Recently, however, hacker forums have posted up-to-date and very informative service data, he added.

“The risk is that this data could be used in further cyberattacks and fraudulent schemes,” Derov explained. Threat Intelligence specialists also considered that one of the reasons for the large number of such cyber incidents is the lack of security of digital assets.

At the end of April, Group-IB analysts reported that almost 7.5 thousand unprotected databases were stored in the public domain throughout Russia. Experts also told how many such arrays of information are stored around the world.