A popular comedian spoke about the consequences of a serious illness

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

Popular Russian comedian and creator of the show “Women’s Stand Up” on TNT, Irina Myagkova, described the health problems she faced after suffering from coronavirus in January. On her Instagram page (a social network banned in Russia; owned by Meta, which is recognized as an extremist organization and banned in Russia), she said that she suffered from severe fatigue.

Myagkova noted that she suffered the disease easily, but the consequences of the coronavirus were severe. “I then got very tired for a whole month, and very quickly and constantly threw myself from the cold into the heat, I woke up every morning with a wet head (…). I was still stupid hard, sometimes I just sat, looked at the point and didn’t think about anything, ”she wrote.

According to the comedian, the first time after a serious illness, she spoke slowly. In addition, she had difficulty taking numerous medications. “So they gave me a drip! Sent! Think like a bouquet of flowers, only a nurse and a dropper,” she said.

Previously, Myagkova also spoke about her feelings due to rude messages from viewers. She admitted that at first she was very worried because of such messages and could cry because of them.