A popular comedian spoke about disappointment in emigration after a trip to the United States

15 Червня, 2022 by Коментарів немає

Popular Russian stand-up comedian Ruslan Bely said that he was disappointed in emigration after a trip to the United States. He revealed the details in an interview with journalist Katerina Gordeeva on YouTube.

“I am still so disappointed in emigration. I was in America two weeks two years ago almost. I walked and walked and looked like that, and I didn’t understand at all what I would be doing here. America – definitely not, ”admitted the comedian.

The comedian said that he liked the urban infrastructure in the United States, but did not like the people. According to Bely, he did not understand how he “would exist” with them. In addition, it seemed to the comedian that in the USA it would not be easy for him to start relationships with local girls.

At the same time, Bely said that he had previously dreamed of buying property in Italy by the age of 50 and spending some time there. However, at some point it seemed to the comedian that no one would need him in this country.

Earlier, Bely spoke about his participation in the Voronezh branch of the Comedy Club. The comedian said that while working on the project he received “excellent money.” He also gave an assessment of the contracts on the TNT channel.